Board Policies

The Board of Trustees main role is to set clear and consistent policies.

The Board Policy Handbook has been developed to highlight and support the very important governance function of the Board. The handbook clearly defines the role of the Board, the role of the Superintendent and the delegation of authority from the Board to the Superintendent.

Board Policy Handbook

  1. Division Foundational Statements
  2. Role of the Board
  3. Role of the Trustee
  4. Trustee Code of Conduct
  5. Role of the Board Chair
  6. Role of the Board Vice-Chair
  7. Board Operations
  8. Board Committees
  9. Board Representatives
  10. Policy Formation and Review
  11. Board Delegation of Authority
  12. Role of the Superintendent
  13. Appeals Regarding Student Matters
  14. Hearings on Teacher Matters
  15. School Closures
  16. Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
  17. Student Transportation Services
  18. Role of the Student
  19. Surplus Land and Buildings
  20. Whistle-Blower Protection

For more information contact:
The Board of Trustees 
Phone: 780-963-8469 
Toll Free: 1-800-282-3997 (Alberta only)